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Adrenal Fatigue

What Is Adrenal Fatigue?

Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome (AFS) is a term for a collection of nonspecific symptoms. The adrenal fatigue theory suggests that constant stress leads to low cortisol levels. This causes brain fog, low energy levels, depressive mood, sweet and salt cravings, and lightheadedness, among other symptoms.

Humans are programmed for physical activity when under stress, but most modern stressors don’t result in physical activity. Therefore, stress results in disease.

Prolonged stress can begin to “burn out” the adrenal glands, resulting in low cortisol levels. Adrenal dysfunction resulting from protracted stress occurs in stages:

  • First – high Cortisol and low DHEA levels
  • Second – low to normal levels of Cortisol and low DHEA
  • Third – low Cortisol and DHEA levels all-day

Cortisol deficiency can result in low blood sugar, sugar cravings, and accelerated inflammatory conditions such as allergies, asthma, and arthritis.

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