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IV Therapy in our Exclusive Live Well Lounge®

LIVE Well Lounge ® By Wellness Architects ®

Designed to enhance your well-being

Intravenous therapy refers to the administration of liquid substances directly to the vein through a needle or catheter. This allows immediate access to the bloodstream to supply vitamins, antioxidants, amino acids, and minerals. At Wellness Architects, we use micronutrient results to assess patient deficiencies and make the recommendations necessary for the patient to  receive what they need to feel optimized. The therapies in our LIVE Well Lounge ® are strictly supervised by a doctor. We have a properly trained multidisciplinary team in intravenous therapies; and additionally, our nursing staff has vast experience in channeling veins, making each visit a pleasant one from the moment of catheter insertion until the end of the process. Our therapies are prepared the day of the appointment, providing you with a fresh I.V. Our modern room has 3 reclining seats, blankets, phone chargers and a spa-like  environment, making it comfortable and cozy.

To receive this service, it is necessary to take a blood sample (active patients of the Anti-Aging program do not require this process since their results are already available). Our team is responsible for managing the medical order, the appointment with the laboratory, and the collection of results. Our service is  VIP and the process can be started from the moment you call for guidance. It is easy and safe, as we will make all the arrangements so that your experience is of the highest level of comfort. When the results become available – in 4-5 business days – they will be evaluated by the doctor, who will make recommendations. Then, the appointment will be scheduled for you to receive the service.

Hangover therapies do not require previous results, however, we always require the patient to contact us to coordinate the visit.

Some therapies offered in our LIVE Well Lounge® are:

  • Slim Down® – One of the most popular IV’s ever! Get a jump start on a leaner body. Our Slim Down IV Therapy contains vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids to help you increase your metabolism, energy, burn fat and suppress appetite. One of the amino acids is L-Carnitine, which makes better use of stored fat and builds lean muscle. It also includes MIC, which promotes healthy weight loss.

  • Supercharge IV®, Energy for your week! – This I.V. is amazing. As time passes, our body begins to experience vitamin and mineral deficiencies that may lead to low energy. Our recipe has substantial amounts of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants that assist in obtaining energy almost immediately.

  • Immune Support and Wellness®  – The immune system in our body is the main line of defense against viruses and other foreign organisms. It needs a healthy balance of nutrients and antioxidants, which we do not receive completely from our diet. Here, at Wellness Architects, we can help you find different forms of supplementation. We are dedicated to aiding and nourishing your immune system to help it eliminate potential disease-causing microbes. . A healthy immune system is the best foundation to help improve your performance everyday.

  • Tissue & Wound Healing® – I.V. vitamin therapies are particularly beneficial when recovering from an injury or surgical procedure. The body draws on a variety of vitamins and minerals such as B-Complex, Zinc and Selenium, when repairing bone and tissue damage. However, many patients suffer from nutrient deficiencies, which can impair the healing process. By providing a boost of nourishing vitamins and minerals prior to surgery and, again, in the days after, it’s possible to expedite wound healing and support overall health for a full and positive recovery.

  • Get Up and Move On® -The hydration and rehydration I.V. therapy is now available. The physician may recommend this IV to treat moderate to severe cases of dehydration. Examples of these may be, when you are sick, before and after a rigorous and dehydrating workout (such as a marathon) and when people suffer from chronic dehydration and cramping.

We have a wide variety of therapies in our menu, which are adaptable to every need. If you have questions, you can contact one of our associates and we will gladly assist you and guide you through the process.