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IV Therapy

Regenerative Medicine through IV Therapy

As a person ages, tissue deterioration inevitably occurs. Throughout the natural process of aging, your stem cells actively work to help repair your body. Stem Cells naturally cling to any damaged or destroyed tissue to aid the process of its regeneration and repair. Unfortunately, as people age, the production of stem cells also diminishes over time.

In our clinic we use intravenous therapies as an alternative form of supplementing for patients who present micronutrients deficiencies, patients who wish to increase their energy levels, and mental clarity, and patients who seek to improve their immune system and/or lose weight, among others.

The patients who are still looking for better ways of improving their general health and well-being may ask about our exosome IV therapy service, which integrates the exosomes into the serum line of the IV therapy of the patient is choosing.

Exosomes are the messengers stem cells use to transport information between themselves and other types of cells. When millions of exosomes are administered and release in to the body, the signal will travel and enrich the communication between cells, enhancing body’s regenerative abilities and performance.

This procedure is offered through basic or specialized intravenous therapies with targeted purposes such as: tissue repair, skin refreshment, and immune support. Additionally, we have available the Exosomes-Stem Cells-PRP- Prolo Support Formula® which seeks to provide all the necessary nutrients to strengthen the existing stem cells and the new exosomes in the body.

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 Important: it should be noted that an exosome is not a cell. It has no nucleus and cannot divide. It is a cellular byproduct, known as an extracellular vesicle. Results may vary by patient. Sometimes certain patients have needed several treatments to observe significant changes.