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Micronutrient Deficiency

How to get to know your specific needs

Your body is unique as is your health history. The human body requires different amounts of each mineral to stay healthy. Specific needs are outlined in recommended daily allowances (RDA). The RDA is the average amount of each mineral that meets the needs of about 97 to 98 percent of all healthy people. They can be obtained from food, mineral supplements, and food products that have been fortified with extra minerals.

A deficiency may happen over time and can be caused by a number of factors. Some of the most common are: an increased need for the mineral, lack of the mineral in the diet, or difficulty absorbing the mineral from food. Mineral deficiencies can lead to a variety of health problems such as weak bones, fatigue, or a decreased immune system, which may lead to a degenerative process. .

Wellness Architects can help your body replenish the lack of vitamins and minerals to keep you healthy. 

To help you balance your vitamin and mineral levels a few blood tests may be needed. These tests include:

  • Vitamins and minerals
  • Amino acids
  • Metabolization of energy and fats
  • Antioxidants status and immune function

The nutrients listed above may be supplemented through oral, intravenous and/or injectable forms. For more information, you may contact Wellness Architects at (787) 397-4633.



Our promise is to bring our patients the best products manufactured using hypoallergenic, pure ingredients designed to deliver predictable results for the benefit of all, even the most sensitive. The products are scientifically tested and validated to ensure the highest quality standards. The vast majority are free from magnesium stearate, gluten, hydrogenated fat, artificial sweeteners and colors, zero coatings and other unnecessary excipients.


IV Injections & Nutrients:


Our MIC injection is an all natural weight loss supplement combined with Vitamin B12 or  L-carnitine, plus B1 and B5, which is proven to help you lose weight and gain energy naturally, especially if injected weekly. The MIC will not interact with any other medication.

Vitamins & Minerals:

Vitamin B Complex (injections and capsules) – Provides essential B-Complex vitamins in high potency amounts. Activated, coenzyme forms provide optimum B complex vitamin support for individuals who may have difficulty metabolizing standard supplemental forms of B vitamins.

Vitamin B12 with Folate – These two are interrelated in function. They convert carbohydrates into energy, and are vital in the metabolism of fats and protein. They play an important role in the maintenance of muscle tone in the G.I. tract, the functioning of the nervous system, and the integrity of skin, hair, and the liver. Folate is essential for healthy fetal neural development and is provided in this formula as Metafolin, L-5-methyltetrahydrofolate (L-5-MTHF), the naturally occurring universally metabolized form of folate.

Vitamin B8, B7 (Biotin) – An essential cofactor involved in glucose metabolism. Also, helps support nervous system function, including nerve cell health. 

Vitamin C – A potent antioxidant. Offers a wide range of support for the human body. It is a potent antioxidant and free radical scavenger. Vit.C supports the body’s defense system by enhancing white blood cell function and activity, and increasing interferon levels, antibody responses, and secretion of thymic hormones. It is essential for the formation and maintenance of intercellular ground substances and collagen. It maintains healthy mast cell function.

Vitamin D3 – Our synergistic formula containing Vitamin A, D3 and K2 increases calcium absorption and function.

Iron-C – Iron’s function is to combine with protein and copper in the synthesis of hemoglobin. Iron is necessary to manufacture myoglobin, a transporter of oxygen found in muscle tissue which causes the chemical reactions that initiate muscle contractions. Vitamin C enhances the intestinal absorption of iron.

Marine Fish Oil – This supplement contains Omega fatty acids, including EPA and DHA. The EPA plays an important role in mediating inflammatory pathways and DHA is involved in the development and normal function of the brain, central nervous system and retina. At Wellness Architects we may help you control your cholesterol levels with Marine Fish Oil.

Magnesium – Activates the enzymes necessary for a number of physiological functions, including neuromuscular contractions, cardiac function, and the regulation of the acid-alkaline balance in the body. It is necessary for the metabolism of carbohydrates, amino acids and fats; also for energy production, and the utilization of calcium, phosphorus, sodium, and potassium. This vital mineral also helps utilize B-Complex vitamins, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E.

* Some statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


What is Glutathione?

Glutathione (GSH) is an important antioxidant in plants, animals, fungi, and some bacteria and archaea. It is capable of preventing damage to important cellular components caused by reactive oxygen species such as free radicals, peroxides, lipid peroxides, and heavy metals. These reactive oxygen species leave you susceptible to unrestrained cell disintegration from oxidative stress, free radicals, infections and cancer; your liver gets overloaded and impairs its job of detoxification. The good news is that your body produces its own glutathione. The bad news is that toxins from poor diet, pollution, medications, stress, trauma, aging, infections and radiation all deplete your glutathione.

Glutathione has multiple functions:

  • It maintains levels of reduced glutaredoxin and glutathione peroxidase.
  • It is one of the major endogenous antioxidants produced by the cells, participating directly in the neutralization of free radicals and reactive oxygen compounds, as well as maintaining exogenous antioxidants such as vitamins C and E in their reduced (active) forms.
  • Regulation of the nitric oxide cycle is critical for life, but can be problematic if unregulated.
  • It is used in metabolic and biochemical reactions such as DNA synthesis and repair, protein synthesis, prostaglandin synthesis, amino acid transport, and enzyme activation. Thus, every system in the body can be affected by the state of the glutathione system, especially the immune system, the nervous system, the gastrointestinal system, and the lungs.
  • It has a vital function in iron metabolism. Yeast cells depleted of GSH or containing toxic levels of GSH show an intense iron starvation-like response and impairment of the activity of extramitochondrial ISC enzymes thus inhibiting oxidative endoplasmic reticulum folding, followed by death.
  • It has roles in progression of the cell cycle, including cell death. GSH levels regulate redox changes to nuclear proteins necessary for the initiation of cell differentiation. Differences in GSH levels also determine the expressed mode of cell death, being either apoptosis or cell necrosis. Manageably low levels result in the systematic breakage of the cell whereas excessively low levels result in rapid cell death.

 And much more…

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