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Physiologist Directed Exercise

Exercise Plans at Wellness Architects

Exercise has been proven to lower cholesterol levels and blood pressure, improve bone tissue health, control diabetes and insulin resistance, reduce stress, and leave you with a feeling of well-being. The key to exercise is doing the right kind of exercise for you. As well as with losing weight, you can experience an exercise plateau. Many will exercise for many hours, years, and more… and have no significant results. Aging does not make it any easier (to exercise).

As with our nutrition plans, exercise plans are individualized for each person’s needs and level of difficulty. We want you to get the best benefits from a workout in less time. You don’t have to spend hours at the gym to be and feel your best. Our exercise plans will help you reach biochemical, physiological, and hormonal balance. As a result, your body will keep burning fat after the workout has been completed. Our exercise physiologist and personal trainer will develop a plan according to your goal. You name it!

Areas of the plan:

  • Resistance Training: To decrease the process of aging and for overall health, a resistance training plan is necessary. We want you to improve your lean muscles, bone health, and mobility throughout your lifetime. With resistance training exercise, we want to decrease insulin resistance and enhance hormonal balance, increasing the chance of preventing chronic conditions (or controlling existing ones).
  • Cardiovascular Training: It is not as simple as just being in your fat burning heart rate zone for 30 to 60 minutes. So much more can be done in less time.
  • Flexibility Training: Don’t underestimate flexibility. Its benefits will help as you grow older. Identifying the areas where flexibility can be improved will help us concentrate on the ones that need work.
  • Some of our high performance athletes patients are:
    1. Triathletes
    2. Marathonists
    3. Cliclists
    4. Swimmers

However, there is a great interest among university students, personal trainers, and the public in general because, with this result, they can start or continue to optimize or improve their executions.

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