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Hair Restoration

At Wellness Architects we offer procedures designed to repair, restore, and regenerate damaged tissues in the body, like the scalp.

Initially, Dr. Cuevas will perform an evaluation of the hair and scalp. After he makes his assessments and recommendations, an appointment will be scheduled to carry out the procedure. This procedure has an estimated time of 4 hours, which may include exosomes, IV therapy, PRP, prescription drugs for daily use, supplemental recommendations, and laser helmet purchase (extra cost).

Exosomes are the messengers stem cells use to transport information between themselves and other types of cells. When millions of exosomes are administered and release in to the body, the signal will travel and enrich the communication between cells, enhancing body’s regenerative abilities and performance.

Our protocol has been developed with techniques that include:

  • IV Therapy to optimize the existing stem cells in the body
  • Harvesting and injecting one’s own plasma (Platelet Rich Plasma), which contains high doses of bioactive proteins called growth factors that are responsible for naturally repairing and regenerating tissue with exosomes
  • Prescriptions for DHT blockers-one of the hormones responsible for hair loss
  • Supplements that contain natural herbs, which are used as precursors to optimize the results of the protocol
  • Laser helmet for stimulating hair restoring cellular activity

Change in the scalp may be noticed from as early as the first three (3) months after the procedure to six (6) months, where the final result will be seen.

 Important: it should be noted that an exosome is not a cell. It has no nucleus and cannot divide. It is a cellular byproduct, known as an extracellular vesicle. Results may vary by patient. Sometimes certain patients have needed several treatments to observe significant changes.